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The superiority of the E-Bike mid motor kit
Feb 09, 2019

The E-Bike mid motor kit is hoisted near the five-way pipe in the middle of the car body. The system has a low center of gravity and good riding stability. The rear axle can be installed at the center of the rear wheel without occupying the wheel position, which can greatly improve the adaptability of the vehicle to different road conditions and vehicle conditions, and the ride is comfortable and labor-saving.
The central axis of the E-Bike mid motor kit is separated from the central body. The middle casing is completely unacceptable to the rider's weight and pedaling force. The structure is simple and reasonable, and there is no damage or damage, high reliability, and easy assembly and maintenance. The electromagnetic topology of the motor is advanced in design, high in efficiency, the highest efficiency can reach 88-90%, and the total efficiency of the unit system can reach 87-88%.
Because the electric assist bicycle central motor kit has high energy efficiency and low power consumption, the electric vehicle has a long charging mileage, the pure electric mode can reach 70 kilometers, and the power assist mode can reach more than 100 kilometers. The driving force is so strong that the driving torque of the rear wheel is up to 80Nm, so the electric assist bicycle using this type of motor has large traction force and strong climbing and load capacity.
The electric assist bicycle central motor kit has good sealing performance, dustproof, waterproof and high reliability. High-strength alloy steel gear transmission has never been used for broken teeth, inverted teeth and complete damage of similar products. When the battery is running out of energy and there is no power, because the motor has low magnetic resistance and a one-way clutch, it can be at least as labor-saving as riding a normal bicycle, and the shifting shifting will be easier.