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Two basic structural forms of the 36V 350W Rear Hub Motor
Jan 05, 2019

The 36V 350W Rear Hub Motor is an outer rotor type motor and usually includes categories such as "AC" and "DC", "High Speed" and "Low Speed". The rated voltage of the AC hub motor is 380V, which is an external rotor type three-phase AC motor. The main advantages are simple manufacturing process, low cost and high reliability.


From the structural design scheme, the 36V 350W Rear Hub Motor can be mainly divided into two categories, namely the hub motor with the speed reduction mechanism and the direct drive hub motor. Some hub motors use high-speed inner-rotor motors with gearboxes with fixed gear ratios to achieve higher power densities and motor speeds of up to 10,000 rpm.


In fact, most 36V 350W Rear Hub Motors do not include a speed reduction mechanism, which is the main structural feature of direct drive hub motors. In comparison, the speed of this part of the motor is generally low. The direct drive hub motor can be divided into three categories according to the position of the permanent magnet and the fixed rotor: the inner rotor motor, the outer rotor motor and the axial motor.