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Types and characteristics of E-bike hub motor kit
Nov 20, 2018

The E-bike hub motor kit is a motor that directly integrates the hub and the drive unit, that is, the motor, the transmission and the brake device are integrated into the hub, and can also be called a wheel motor or a wheel motor. The electric assist single wheel hub motor kit can be divided into two categories: deceleration drive and direct drive.


The deceleration drive type in the E-bike hub motor kit generally adopts a high speed inner rotor motor and a fixed ratio gear reducer, which can obtain a higher power density, and the motor speed can be up to 10000 rpm. The reducer generally adopts a planetary gear reduction mechanism and is installed between the motor and the hub. The torque output from the motor is driven to rotate by the reduction gear of the planetary gear reducer. The characteristics of this type of motor are small size and light weight. After the torque is increased by the reducer, the output torque has a large acceleration performance.


The direct drive type of the E-bike hub motor kit generally adopts a low speed outer rotor motor, and the outer rotor is directly connected with the hub. The motor speed is generally within 1500 rpm, and there is no speed reduction mechanism, and the wheel speed is consistent with the motor speed. Since there is no speed reduction mechanism, the entire drive wheel structure is more compact, the axial size is small, and the efficiency is higher.