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Types of front wheel electric hub motor and their maintenance priorities
Nov 27, 2018

The front wheel electric hub motor converts the electric energy in the battery into mechanical energy, drives the rotating parts of the electric wheel, and usually pays more attention to maintenance. Its actual service life depends on the motor for 5~10 years. In order to further extend the electrical energy converted into mechanical energy in the battery, the components that drive the electric wheel to rotate are driven. The front wheel electric hub motor pays attention to the driving without the brake, and the brake riding motor is subjected to the heat to cause the magnetic steel to demagnetize, resulting in the vehicle being weak and shortening the cruising range.


The front wheel electric hub motor has noise and timely repair, check the bearing, so as to prevent the steel grain in the bearing from rolling out and cutting the coil, causing the motor to be scrapped. Try not to go to places where there is water. The motor is not as good as the one we imagined. The water is good, it is difficult to get out. If it does not come out for a long time, the magnetic steel will rust, the bearing will be easy to break, causing electricity and the motor will heat up. Reduce mileage.


The front wheel electric hub motor can be divided into three categories: brushed high speed motor, brushless low speed motor and brushed low speed motor. The first type of motor has high efficiency, strong overload climbing ability, large starting torque, and deceleration after transmission gear unit. Output power; secondly, it has the advantages of no maintenance and no noise. The final brushed low speed motor has no gear reducer and has a simple structure and low cost.