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What are the advantages of E-bike rear wheel hub motor?
Sep 15, 2018

Electric assist bicycles usually use the wheel hub motor to install the rear wheel when using the structural design, that is, the electric assist bicycle rear hub motor. This is because the rear triangle is more stable and reliable in terms of structural strength than the front fork, and the transmission and routing of the torque cadence signal is more convenient.


The so-called E-bike rear wheel hub motor adopts the wheel built-in motor technology in the structural design, so that the power device, the transmission device and the braking device can be integrated into the hub to enable the mechanical part of the electric vehicle. Greatly simplified. That is to say, with such a motor mounting structure, a large number of transmission components can be omitted, making the vehicle structure simpler.


Not only that, the bicycles that use the E-bike rear wheel hub motor can obtain good space utilization when designing the structure, and the transmission efficiency is also much higher. Moreover, a variety of complicated driving methods can be realized because the hub motor has the characteristics of independent driving of a single wheel.