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What are The Advantages of The Center Motor?
Oct 13, 2018

    When the electric assist bicycle is in the assisted riding mode, the central axis with the "real-time torque acquisition system" converts the rider's pedaling force into a digital signal, which is transmitted to the torque real-time analysis control system and finally converted to motor control. The signal, through the motor to provide a stable, smooth basic power, and then converted into a high-torque output power through a set of precision planetary reduction mechanism, thus driving the bicycle to smooth, stable and powerful forward.

     Because the torque acquisition system is collected in real time, that is, it is fed back to the control system in real time according to the rider's foot output, and the control system passes through an intelligent computing system to determine that the motor provides the corresponding auxiliary power to the rider. The greater the force on the driver's foot, the greater the power of the motor. It will always be smart enough for the rider to feel under a very smooth and gentle riding force.

      Second, the center motor, as the name suggests, is placed in the middle of the vehicle, that is, the foot part, then the shifting process from the foot to the rear wheel can be realized, that is, the gear assembly can be combined and the total speed can be changed. According to the size of the shifting sprocket, the actual obtained torque of the tire is adjusted. If the shifting assembly is adjusted, the torque outputted by the motor can be amplified again, so that the power consumption is the same. The center motor can get more torque than the rear hub motor.

       This not only solves the torque problem, but also saves battery efficiency and extends the cruising range.

       Third, the phenomenon of magnetizing, as we all know, the hub motor has always had a magneto-penetration phenomenon, that is, if the battery is in the absence of electricity, it is very difficult to continue to implement the electric vehicle. The reason is the result of the hub motor. Electromagnetic resistance will gradually increase as the power disappears, so we will become more and more difficult to push the electric car.

      The mid-mounted motor does not have this shortcoming. First, our motor is not on the hub. The second central motor has an overrunning clutch. If there is no electricity, the electric bicycle is completely separated from the motor, so there is no seepage. This is the case, and our car is very light, so it is the same riding experience as an ordinary bicycle.

      Fourth, the replacement of the hub is relatively convenient. If it is a hub motor, it is almost impossible to change the tire. Because in addition to the parameters of the hub itself, there are various parameters for configuring the motor. It is difficult for ordinary consumers to have conditions. This is done, but the central motor does not have this situation, because the motor is on the foot, so the front and rear wheels are no different from ordinary bicycles, and the user can completely replace them with simple tools. It enriches the various configurations of the electric bicycle and also increases the interaction between the user and the car.

      Fifth, it is easy to protect. Because the wheel hub motor is integrated with the wheel structure, it is inevitable to have a corresponding impact on the motor when the wheel passes through the puddle and the mud road. The center motor is far away from the road surface, and It is not in direct contact, so it is more advantageous in terms of protection, so that the risk of damage to the motor can be reduced and the failure rate can be reduced.

     Sixth, the center motor is an electromechanical combination product. From the structural point of view, it is not a simple motor. It is a power output assembly in which the motor amplifies the torque through the mechanical structure. In the case of the same motor power, The motor can output more torque by means of mechanical structure, so that the power consumption is small and the output torque is large, which is unmatched by the hub motor. If the hub motor wants to output more torque, it can only be infinitely coiled. Do more and increase the coil sensing area to achieve. Therefore, the center motor is also superior to the hub motor in structure.

Seventh, the center motor combines the controllers together to realize the integrated design of the control and the motor, and the controller of the hub motor can only be external, not only has certain defects in reliability, but also in the whole vehicle. The appearance is not very coordinated, which is also a relative advantage of the center motor.