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What are the main components of the electric bicycle central motor kit?
Jan 10, 2019

The electric assist bicycle central motor unit is mainly composed of a motor assembly, a five-way pipe and a bearing. The motor assembly is composed of a motor, a planetary gear reduction mechanism and a clutch. The electric power bicycle central motor kit also includes components such as a magnetic ring, a five-way pipe, a center shaft, a motor casing, a rotor, a stator, and a motor shaft.


In the composition of the electric bicycle central motor kit, the motor device adopts an inner rotor outer stator structure, and the rotor and the stator are all placed in the motor casing. The motor housing is fixed to the motor assembly mounting plate. The motor shaft is fixed on the rotor, and the planetary gear speed reduction mechanism is composed of a sun gear, a planetary rotating frame, a planetary shaft, a planetary gear and an inner ring gear.


The sun gear is arranged on the rotating shaft of the electric bicycle central motor kit, the planetary rotation is mounted on the front end of the sun gear, and the rotating shaft is integrally provided with the rotating shaft in the center of the planetary rotating frame and is pivotally mounted on the motor assembly mounting plate by the rotating shaft. In the actual use of the central axis of the electric bicycle bicycle central motor kit, it is mainly fixed by the bicycle pedal and rotated by a person stepping on it.