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What are the main features of the E-Bike mid drive motor kit?
Feb 05, 2019

The E-Bike mid drive motor kit adopts concentric coaxial technology, which makes reasonable use of bicycle effective space, beautiful, fashionable, stable, safe and easy to change speed. The electric assist bicycle drive motor kit adopts super noise design technology, and the operation is stable and low noise. The products have been certified and sold well in the market.
The E-Bike mid drive motor kit system combines the advantages of both ordinary bicycles and electric bicycles to meet the functions of assisted riding and pure human riding. When assisting in riding, the motor output is perfectly matched with the human output, and the riding comfort is excellent, which gives the rider a clear sense of ease. When riding purely human, there is no additional resistance caused by the motor reluctance torque, etc., exactly the same as cycling.
Due to the ultra-low noise design technology of the electric assist bicycle drive motor kit, the system startup and running noise is lower than the hub motor by more than 10%. It puts the power output source in the middle shaft of the bicycle and adopts the concentric shaft output structure, which retains the most traditional transmission system of the bicycle. It not only places the motor in the most reasonable intermediate part in the weight distribution of the whole vehicle, but also improves the structure and riding of the whole vehicle. The safety of the line, and after the installation of the rear wheel transmission system, effectively improve the ability of the whole vehicle to climb, reaching more than several times the hub motor.