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What is the internal structure of the electric bike rear hub motor?
Nov 06, 2018

The electric bike rear hub motor plays an important role in the electric bicycle. Its biggest feature is that the power unit, the transmission device and the braking device are integrated into the hub, so that the mechanical part of the electric vehicle can be greatly simplified. A large number of transmission components are omitted, making the vehicle structure simpler.


For conventional vehicles, clutches, transmissions, drive shafts, differentials and even transfer cases are essential, and these components are not only lightweight, but also make the structure of the vehicle more complex, and also require regular maintenance and The problem of failure rate. However, the electric bicycle rear hub motor solves this problem well. In addition to a simpler structure, a vehicle driven by a hub motor can achieve better space utilization and a higher transmission efficiency.


The rear wheel hub motor drive system of the electric bicycle is mainly divided into two structural forms according to the rotor form of the motor, namely an inner rotor type and an outer rotor type. The inner rotor type hub motor uses a high speed inner rotor motor with a fixed gear ratio reducer; the outer rotor type hub motor uses a low speed outer rotor motor without a speed reducer, and the outer rotor of the motor is fixed or integrated with the wheel rim, the wheel The speed is the same as the motor.


The inner rotor type electric bicycle rear hub motor has the advantages of higher specific power, lighter weight, small volume, low noise and low cost. The outer rotor type electric bicycle rear hub motor has a simple structure, small axial dimension, can control the torque in a wide speed range, and has a fast response speed, and has no speed reduction mechanism, so the efficiency is high.