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What is the Maximum Speed limit for E-BIKE of Different Powers in Europe?
Oct 19, 2018

      European electric bicycles are divided into different grades. The models with motor power below 300 watts do stop power when the speed exceeds 25 km per hour. However, the upper speed limit of the models with power exceeding 300 watts is raised to 45 km, but these high powers The products need to be registered in the transportation department. There are many electric power-assisted vehicles in the European market that have 500-watt or higher electric motors. They are considered to be motor vehicles. They need a number plate and have no power-up limit. At present, many motor system manufacturers are moving closer to high-power products. TRUCKRUN's current product has  a maximum power of 500 watts, and it is expected that a 750-watt version of the motor will soon be launched.