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You Need to Know Ten Things about MTB
Oct 15, 2018

1. Why do you need an electric booster mountain bike?

     Provides powerful power, enhances climbing ability; faster and smoother; easier to reach the top of the mountain and distant valleys; or just keep up with your friends. In developed countries in Europe, motorcycles have become the new favorite of people.

2. Motorcycle core: motor

    At present, major bicycle manufacturers generally choose motors provided by the five major international motor manufacturers. In recent years, emerging companies like TRUCKRUN have sprung up. They have a place in the mid-range motor that is commonly used in mountain bikes with the characteristics of low-cost and high-performance motors. .

3. Transmission system

    Most electric-assisted mountain bikes are not much different from the “traditional” mountain bikes on the transmission system. However, with the development of motorcycles, accessories for electric power-assisted products will become more and more common.

4. Other components

     The electric assist mountain bike is heavy and powerful. If you only use low-cost single-layer tires, most of them are unbearable, so tires designed for electric-assisted mountain bikes may be a better choice. The power of the cockroach requires strong braking to control. The use of power-off brakes designed specifically for electric bicycles will be particularly important.

5. Is the electric assist mountain bike much heavier than the traditional mountain bike?

      Well, considering the factors of the motor and the battery, the E-MTB is bound to regain a lot of weight, but the actual power-added power during the riding process will not feel the weight of the weight. Usually, these electric assisted mountain bikes weigh more than 21-23 kg, and only when they exceed 25 kg, the weight factor will really plague travel.

6. How long does it take to charge a single charge?

    Compared with commuter motorcycles, E-MTB has more powerful motors, generally up to 500Wh, and even higher. It can be fully charged with a dedicated charger for 2 hours.

7. Where can I ride an electric assist mountain bike?

    Motorcycles are not electric vehicles, so there is basically no road section that prohibits motorcycles. The high-precision torque sensor of the motorcycle can sense the rider's intention, intervene in the power at the right time, and exit the assist mode when the maximum speed is limited. It is very safe.

8. How far can an electric mountain bike ride?

    How far a motorcycle can ride depends on the battery capacity. Electric assisted mountain bikes also need to pay attention to the high torque output during off-road and the power consumption caused by difficult climbing. The boost mode generally has multiple gear options. When using the boost mode, it may only provide two hours of power; using a more economical boost mode will allow you to ride farther. Manufacturers are also making unremitting efforts to improve battery life.

9. Focus on mountain geometry design

    At present, there are a lot of E-MTB bikes on the market, so don't be confused by the power output and battery life promoted by the manufacturers. Excellent geometric design is equally important, because E-MTB is ultimately a mountain bike. A stable head tube angle, a suitable wheelbase setting, and the riser angle required for hip pedaling are all issues that must be considered in a mountain bike.

10. What kind of electric assist mountain bike should I choose?

     At present, there are many mountain bike brands involved in the field of electric assisted mountain bikes. The electric assisted mountain bikes are no longer simple “motors + mountain bikes”. It is not easy to develop an electric bicycle with innovative design and easy to use. An attractive electric mountain bike is like a space race in the field of mountain bikes, which takes a lot of time to develop and innovate.