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Electric Assist Bicycle Is A New Way To Solve The Chaos Of Electric Vehicles
Oct 24, 2018

      excessive standard electric vehicles have brought great hidden dangers to road traffic order and safety, and there are indeed many hazards. Nowadays, the over-standard electric bicycles running on urban roads are similar in shape to motorcycles. They replace the engines of motorcycles with electric motors. They use batteries as the source of power. Many people call them “electric motorcycles”. First of all, it is self-important, can reach 60 kilograms or even heavier, and a considerable number of users have difficulty controlling the vehicle safely. Secondly, its speed is generally exceeding the standard, and many can reach 50 km/h, which has already exceeded the standards of non-motor vehicles. According to relevant statistics, when the collision speed reaches 50 km / h, the fatality rate is nearly 90%. Therefore, the risk factor is extremely high.

       The electric treadmill is a new generation electric bicycle that conforms to international standards. It has a weight of only 15 kilograms and can bear the weight of hundreds of kilograms. Compared with electric motorcycles, electric bicycles are small in size, light in weight and safe to ride. On the one hand, it solves the safety hazard of using over-standard electric vehicles. On the one hand, it is more comfortable and convenient than traditional bicycles, saving manpower. In addition, it is lower carbon-friendly than motor vehicles and conforms to the current trend of green transportation.

      Nowadays, many cities are trying to slow down the block. In fact, this new type of electric treadmill is also in line with this trend. What should be done now is to gradually upgrade products according to market and consumer demand, and achieve breakthroughs in the core technologies of complete vehicles and key components.