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Electric Bicycles Are Increasingly Using Automotive Technology
Dec 19, 2018

      Technologies such as airbags, anti-lock brake systems (ABS), tire pressure sensors, and spotlights are increasingly being applied to the bicycle industry. For example, a battery is mounted on the wheel to not only drive the bicycle, but also to illuminate and brake the display.

      The taillights are also innovative. In the past, when the bicycle brake decelerated, the brake light transmitted through the handbrake or the foot brake responded slowly. The triggering by the electronic signal transmitter now greatly speeds up the brake response.

      The automatic transmission technology of the car is applied to the electric bicycle, and the rear hub transmission with the planetary gear can be steplessly changed to realize the electrification of the 14-speed hub. Now, the rider can not only quickly change the speed of the car, but also determine the starting gear. Once the bicycle stops, the circuit will automatically stop. This is very useful for traffic lights such as intersections.

      Suitable for bicycle distance radar, the device can detect vehicles behind the rider, the longest distance is 140 meters. The closer the vehicle is, the brighter the radar unit will be, and it will also function as a taillight. At the same time, the system can also issue warnings to the rider optically and acoustically.