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Electric Bicycles Do Not Require Mandatory Third-party Liability Insurance
Jan 26, 2019

          Today, the European Parliament's IMCO committee decided that there should be no mandatory third-party liability insurance for low-power smart electric vehicles/electric bicycles. The decision overturned the European Commission's proposal for a Motor Vehicle Insurance Directive (MID), which defines a 250-watt low-speed electric bicycle as a motor vehicle and incorporates it into a motor insurance order to make third-party liability insurance mandatory. This was seen as an important decision and the European Cycling Federation was the first to discover the European Commission’s intentions. The alliance between bicycle users and the industry disagrees that these are the premise of motor vehicles; they believe that the committee’s recommendation is to impede the development of bicycle bicycles by enforcing this disproportionate mandatory insurance because the auto insurance directive requires all motor vehicles in the EU to Enjoy compulsory third party insurance. It ensures that if the vehicle is insured for third party liability in an EU member state, the insurance applies to the entire EU.