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Electric Bike Riding Experience
Oct 29, 2018

     The electric assist part is very simple to understand, and the power intervention will be involved within 0.5s after the pedal is stepped on. The 1st gear can maintain a relatively light pedaling. At this time, the feeling is that the rotating part of the whole car is very smooth, and there is a feeling of stepping down slightly. The 2nd gear boosts the feeling of downhill in the premise of the 1st gear, and the power is more obvious. And open the 3 file Boost boost, when you start, there will be a windy weather ride in the wind, the start is very fast; wait for the red light, avoid pedestrians, the acceleration after bumping the road can be described by the flow of water.

     The handlebars, the seat, the pedals, etc. of the traditional bicycle part are very stable in quality, and the Truckrun has a smooth shifting speed within 5 speeds, and the running and road feel of the wheels are satisfactory; these high-quality parts are maintained. The car has a high riding quality.