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Truckrun successfully concluded the Shanghai Bike Show Tour
Aug 16, 2018

The four-day China International Bicycle Show ended successfully in Shanghai. As a professional E-BIKE drive system service provider, Wuxi Truckrun brought its latest R&D and production of W+ drive solutions to the exhibition, which attracted the attention of domestic and foreign audiences. 

The W+ drive solution is tailor-made for E-BIKE. It is motor-driven and integrates lithium battery and HMI kits to create an extraordinary riding experience for two rounds of travel. The biggest difference with traditional intelligent motors is the upgradeable system of Truckrun Motor and HMI. Through system upgrade, W+ can do more smarter, making the motor more humanized.

In this exhibition, Truckrun launched a total of three front, middle and rear drive solutions to meet the needs of different riders. The center-mounted drive system is dominated by the center motor CM01 and CM02. The 250W and 350W powers are optional. The torque of the device exceeds 100Nm. The torque sensor and speed sensor are used to make the rider more natural and smooth. The thrill of force.