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EU Releases Final Disclosure Document On The Results Of China's Electric Bicycle Dumping Case
Nov 20, 2018

     The European Commission issued a final disclosure document - the dumping procedure for importing the People's Republic of China. In its document, different anti-dumping duties were imposed on six companies. At the same time, there are cooperation companies in the anti-infringement investigation, but there is no sampling; anti-dumping investigation cooperation companies, no cooperation in investigation; non-cooperative companies in anti-dumping investigations, but with cranes, and all other companies The class proposes various anti-dumping duties.

      The final list of final disclosure documents is now sent by the European Commission to stakeholders and parties working together in the proceedings. These partners and partners have responded to their comments on the final disclosure by November 29, 2018. The deadline for implementing final anti-dumping and countervailing duties is January 18, 2019.