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German Manufacturer And Wholesaler Hartje Opens Taiwan Office
Nov 19, 2018

     The establishment of Hartje Asia was retired after the owners of Hartje's local trading partners Peakworld and Eurocycle Asia, which has been working with them for 18 years. Just as Hartje Asia will maintain the company's links in Asia, it is also responsible for quality control and overseeing the production of 80 suppliers. The local office will also be responsible for the successful implementation of the order and organize supply chain efficiency on site. This is mainly for Hartje's own bicycle brand, bicycle parts and European motorcycle and auto parts business.

     The new Taipei office provides an opportunity for Hartje to expand its presence in the market, providing knowledge and sharing of sourcing partners and local capabilities. Hartje pointed out that the scope of the Taiwan office is not limited to the island, but extends to the emerging Chinese and other Asian procurement markets.