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How Does China's E-bicycles Go Off The Slopes?
Oct 16, 2018

        Electric assist bicycles are currently in a very difficult situation in China. The original intention of electric bicycles is to make cycling (commuting, long-distance travel, off-road) easier. In foreign countries, electric power commuter cars occupy a considerable market share, and the acceptance of the masses is very high, but in China, many People don't even know what an electric bicycle is. Interestingly, several domestic appliances help bicycle brands to focus on the commuter products, which leads to the fact that “the ordinary people who don’t understand the electric bicycles are not exposed to such information, and they are still eating on the roadside. Unlock the small yellow car, and the professional riders who know the electric bicycle don't need such products, and even have aversion to the frequent promotion information. For the future market development, the future of the domestic electric bicycle market is bright, the road is tortuous. Electric bicycles are a good thing, no problem, but the domestic market is still immature and requires a little patience. Take the European and American markets as an example. Almost ten years ago, electric bicycles were showing their way in the European and American markets. It was also controversial. Even rising to the moral level, after four years of market education, consumers gradually experience the advantages of electric power, and now have a hot atmosphere, and domestic electric bicycles can't even start at the beginning, and the future will be faster. Focus on the European and American markets, and return to honor after the cold winter.