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Main Classification Of Motor
Aug 16, 2018

1. according to the type of working power: can be divided into DC motor and AC motor.

1) DC motors can be divided according to structure and working principle: brushless DC motor and brushed DC motor.

Brushed DC motors can be divided into: permanent magnet DC motors and electromagnetic DC motors.

Electromagnetic DC motor division: series-excited DC motor, shunt DC motor, separately excited DC motor and compound excitation DC motor.

Permanent magnet DC motor division: rare earth permanent magnet DC motor, ferrite permanent magnet DC motor and AlNiCo permanent magnet DC motor.

2) Among them, AC motors can also be divided into: single-phase motors and three-phase motors.

2. according to the structure and working principle can be divided: can be divided into DC motor, asynchronous motor, synchronous motor.

1) Synchronous motors can be divided into: permanent magnet synchronous motors, reluctance synchronous motors and hysteresis synchronous motors.

2) Asynchronous motors can be divided: induction motors and AC commutator motors.

Induction motors can be divided into three-phase asynchronous motors, single-phase asynchronous motors and shaded-pole asynchronous motors.

The AC commutator motor can be divided into: single-phase series-excited motor, AC-DC motor and repulsive motor.