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Meet The Taipei Exhibition
Oct 31, 2018

      The transaction update of the world's largest component manufacturers and the latest market reports from the European Nordic countries and Germany show this. In the long, sunny and warm summer, the European bicycle business has achieved satisfactory results. But it is still limited to electric bikes and electronic MTB. This market trend will also be reflected in the 2018 Taipei Bike Show, which is very special this year. Because arranging the 2019 edition in just five months will make this year's 31st Taipei Cycling Race not fall in history books, because it is a record-breaking visitor. At the 2018 Taipei International Bike Show, there were 1,150 exhibitors exhibiting the latest products, covering an area of 65,000 square meters. Although the Taipei bicycle has announced that it will resume its original timetable in March next year, this year's trade show will be carried out according to the scale of industry habits. Even new pavilions have been added; products for joint display of German and Korean companies. Next to them are the pavilions of the European Union companies, Japan and Italy, and the light electric car pavilion. And as a rising star, truckrun will meet you on the 4th floor L1102.