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Pon Aiming To Establish World’s Biggest In Bikes
Nov 17, 2018

       Amsterdam, Netherlands - Pon has purchased more than 2 million shares of Accell Group since the bid on Tuesday. Pang Holdings is an international trading and services company with more than 8 billion euros. It has approximately 13,000 employees and is located in more than 450 branches in 32 countries. It now owns nearly 12% of Accell. The acquisition of these shares is also seen as a sensible way to enter the Heerenveen bicycle manufacturer in the Netherlands and may even become a seat of the supervisory board. This should bring Pon into the field of knowledge to understand the business development of the Accell Group.

       In addition, financial analysts point out what happens when Pon Holdings increases its stake in Accell by more than 20%. It is said that if the interest exceeds 30%, it must be mandatory to acquire the entire Accell Group NV. Once this happens, there will be a bicycle multinational company, the world's largest manufacturer of bicycles and electric bicycles, producing about 2 million bicycles a year, with a total income of nearly 2 billion euros.