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Take You To Know What Is The Center Motor
Oct 12, 2018

In the field of electric assist bicycles, the E-Bike central motor refers to a motor in which the drive motor of the electric assist bicycle is installed in the middle position of the vehicle body, that is, the foot position, and the motor is connected to the vehicle body, and the power is transmitted through the chain and the rear wheel to transmit power. The pedals are mounted on both sides of the motor. In the absence of power to the motor, the rider can pedal the bicycle for human riding.


According to the function of the E-Bike central motor, we can divide it into two types:

The first type is a simple mid-mounted drive motor. The bicycle equipped with this type of motor can have two riding modes, namely the human riding mode and the fully automatic riding mode. The rider can ride in both according to his actual needs. Line mode to switch and select.

The second type is a mid-drive motor with real-time boost. The bicycle equipped with this motor can have three modes of riding, namely, human riding mode, assisted riding mode and fully automatic riding mode. The rider can also use his own. In fact, it is necessary to directly switch and select these three modes of riding, and the driving mode of assisting the riding mode with its healthy and high endurance will surely become the future development trend.