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The EU Imposes A Maximum Of 79.3% Tariff On Chinese Ebike.
Jan 23, 2019

       The European Union will start on Saturday (19th) to impose a tariff of 18.8% to 79.3% on electric bicycles imported from China. The reason is that European producers believe that these Chinese-made electric bicycles benefit from unfair subsidies and flood into the European market at low prices.
       Within Europe, this so-called anti-dumping move is also worrying. Some insiders believe that the EU's move is a restriction on consumer choice. European residents want to buy less expensive electric bicycles, and the EU's new deal has not made all manufacturers satisfied. European manufacturers have not been hurt by Chinese products. "The vast majority of them are importing parts from China on a large scale, and the business is booming."
       After the implementation of this tariff in the EU, waiting for European bicycle companies and consumers, will undoubtedly be "dark days."