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Three Common Forms Of Gasoline Engine Combustion Chamber
Aug 16, 2018

1) Hemispherical combustion chamber

The hemispherical combustion chamber is compact in structure, and the spark plug is arranged in the center of the combustion chamber, and the flame stroke is short, so the combustion rate is high, the heat dissipation is small, and the thermal efficiency is high. The structure of the combustion chamber also allows the valve to be arranged in two rows, and the diameter of the air inlet is large, so the charging efficiency is high, and although the gas distribution mechanism becomes more complicated, it is advantageous for exhaust gas purification, and is widely used in a car engine. application.

2) Wedge combustion chamber

The wedge-shaped combustion chamber has a simple and compact structure, small heat dissipation area and small heat loss, which can ensure a good eddy current movement of the mixed gas in the compression stroke, is beneficial to improve the mixing quality of the mixed gas, has small intake resistance, and improves the charging efficiency. The valves are arranged in a row to make the valve train simple, but the spark plug is placed at a high position in the wedge-shaped combustion chamber, and the flame travels a long distance. The Cherokee car engine uses this type of combustion chamber.

3) Basin combustion chamber

The basin-shaped combustion chamber has good manufacturability and low manufacturing cost, but the valve diameter is easily restricted, and the intake and exhaust effects are worse than the hemispherical combustion chamber. The Jetta car engine and the Audi car engine use a basin-shaped combustion chamber.