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Truckrun's Future Products And Prospects For The Market
Nov 15, 2018

      truckrun has a very clear route in the future planning. Like the W+ product concept proposed by truckrun – WHEELMAN, WISDOM, WONDERFUL, truckrun hopes that the natural relationship between man and car is harmonious and unified. The main body of the ride can get the best experience through excellent products. In a journey, the rider and truckrun's innovative products can complement each other and become a mutually trusting riding relationship.

      Truckrun  will continue to improve the motor product system, such as the road bike lightweight motor currently being developed by truckrun. This motor is mainly aimed at lightweight vehicles to meet the light weight demand of the market.

       In addition to the motor, truckrun will extend the development and innovation of other major bicycle systems, such as the transmission system. truckrun hopes that through the wisdom and efforts of truckrun, the ride will be made even better.

       At the same time, truckrun wants to use truckrun's technical advantages in the field of electric motors to make motors suitable for electric motorcycles. However, at present, truckrun is still in the plan, and the general manager Zhuo Yu hopes that everyone can continue to pay attention and get everyone's opinions and feedback.