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Under The EU Anti-dumping Measures, How Should Truckrun Respond?
Nov 14, 2018

     As we all know, EBMA attempts to establish a trade bastion for European companies through anti-dumping measures to prevent Chinese producers from entering the European market. In the long run, this approach will only lead to a vicious circle in the European market. The real victims will be European consumers who will pay for high-priced products. In the face of this market competition environment, truckrun will actively respond to many aspects.

     First of all,truckrun faced the anti-dumping case with a positive attitude, understood and familiarized with the rules of the WTO, and actively adopted to ensure that the quality requirements of export products met the rules.

      Secondly, Europe and the United States, as the main market area of truckrun , can not only solve the EU anti-dumping problems, but also further improve truckrun's expansion and service capabilities in the European market. At present, the issue of overseas construction has been in the planning of truckrun, and truckrun is also actively planning and advancing.