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What Is TRUCKRUN’s View Of The Current Domestic Electric Bicycle Market Environment?
Nov 12, 2018

       The new national standard to be implemented next year is bound to accelerate the development of domestic electric bicycles to some extent. However, in view of the current market share of traditional electric vehicles, it is difficult to make a big change. This kind of consumer thinking and customer habits can't be changed overnight, it takes time to accumulate.

       On the other hand, China's aging situation is getting more and more serious. People who like to ride bicycles in the 1970s and 1980s are gradually entering the middle-aged stage. These people will become the mainstream consumer of electric bicycles. .

        For some domestic bicycle modification enthusiasts, if the modified motor can be more professional, it will also bring a better riding experience for the domestic modified car enthusiasts. The latest M05 modified car motor developed by TRUCKRUN is also a mid-mounted motor that will be launched by TRUCKRUN. This motor has great market potential both domestically and abroad.