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Where Is The Main Battlefield Of Electric Bicycles?
Oct 30, 2018

     In many years of operation, I believe that the price is not the biggest resistance to electricity sales. When a seller knows the advantages of an electric bicycle, and these advantages are necessary for him, then price will become a secondary problem. High prices do not constrain sales, and there are many examples of this situation both inside and outside the industry. For example, Apple is one of the best mobile phones, but it is also a representative of high-priced mobile phones.

      In Europe, electric bicycle dealers have been trying to introduce low-priced products in recent years, such as electric-assisted bicycles from China, which is indeed effective. However, the market also has two sides. There are also local European manufacturers to investigate the needs of users and develop corresponding products, but the price will be in the thousands of euros.

       In Germany, a young woman saw a Cargo Bike in the car shop and asked for the price. The owner replied 8,000 euros. This is a relatively high price, but the lady thinks that the price is cheaper than the lowest-end car, and there is no need to worry about parking fees. The angle is very different from that of ordinary bicycle lovers.